Things to do in such an ancient town

Nov 02

Things to do in such an ancient town

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If you are planning on traveling to Viet Nam country, you must stop by Old Town Hoi An - you will understand why Hoi An ancient town is a beautifully preserved UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is so much lovely here with “ charmed by hanging red lanterns and bright yellow buildings” and you can’t expect more. If you are a tourist, you would like to discover and explore somewhere in ancient town - you have to buy ticket ( 6 USD/ one per), this one- day pass will get you into 5 attractions of your choice ( old houses, temples, museums, workshop…)

Wander around Hoi An’s lovely ancient town

The streets aren’t that crowded or loud so you can wander around by foot- or it is more fun if you hire a bike and get lost in every streets of Hoi an ancient town. You might think Hoi an is so small and “ yes it is”. Although Hoi an is not that big like you thought but you’ll have a lot of experiences such you enjoy yourself a cup of coffee right next to Japanese Bridge. There are many Hoi an people who are friendly, happy and enthusiastic, you can suddenly talk to anyone sitting near you. As it is a way you’re into Hoi an people here and find out how Hoi an people pick up a early working day. Countrysides there are! there always call you up to. From ancient town, you can choose to ride along the main road but a better and picturesque way is through the rice files which you’ll more enjoy than main road. You will see farmers in motion and you will mingle rice files and vegetable gardens.
If you have time, you should attend The Full Moon Festival- It’s very crowded people but pretty as candlelit lanterns are floated down the Hoai river.

Take a cooking class

if you like eating or making Viet Nam foods, you could sign up some classes as Minh Hien ( for vegan people), Red Bridge or Ms. Vy ( of Morning Glory) are more professional, high - rated schools.
Most follow the same general format: a visit to the morning market to buy ingredients, you’ll learn some spices and ingredients from teachers who will tell you a lot of stories about spices and ingredrients, surely you’ll be interested in those stories. Then you travel to the cooking school ( as Red Bridge school, they will take you a short boat trip up the Hoai river, where the cooking classes seems to be held and learn how to cook 4-5 dishes. Finally you try to eat dishes all you cook with your classmates. Have a meaningful day for you.

Relax on An Bang beach

Most tourists said “ they liked Hoi an so much because of the chilled and lovely An Bang beach for daytime and for old town in the evenings”. Perfect combination! They have the usual beach activities such as parasailing, jet skis… Just swimming at the beach is nice enough sipping a beer under the umbrella and suntan chair. If you love sitting quietly on chair, just enjoying down time or if you love wanting more activities, move to one of other clubs.
An Bang itself has a good range of local and Western foods for you to choose from and when you have a small beach break to surf on. They do great foods and the prices are so cheap.
It is convenient and easier if you choose any homestay or villa near beach. Take advantage of the cold weather is that is is perfect for running alongside the beach and it is perfect getting away from traffic. Recommend you Santa Villa - it is located at An Bang beach with beatiful views of the coast and beach right in front of villa.