Tra Que Vegetable Village - A must-see place

Nov 03

Tra Que Vegetable Village - A must-see place

Santa Villa Hoi An News

Hoi An is located in the world cultural heritage area of central Viet Nam, which has been through a few centuries of history, but still remains as in the every first days of its being born. With attractive strategies came up by Hoi An’s authority, tourists are almost comfortable and excited during travelling in Hoi An. Tourists could not miss every destinations of Hoi An such as Old Town, An Bang Beach, Cua Dai Beach… Especially Tra Que Village has been known one of the must see places of Hoi An - you’ll observe buffalos wading in the rice paddy fields, peace village and river before turning into Tra Que vegetable village.

Tra Que vegetable village is also called “Tra Que organic village”, the place is discovered as a rich soil with underground water system, it is a amazing way to keep all plants and vegetables growing up, fresh - green vegetables as well. The village is famous of many kinds of vegetables and herbs such as: letture, basil, coriander, fish leaf, shallots, etc. The famers are proud of their products because they are using neither toxic nor chemical fertilisers, but all tourists still have the feelings from a natural fragrant smell of all vegetables - due to seaweed manure from De Vong lake - next to Tra Que village.  If you take seeds to another village, you will not get to the vegetable quality as good as in Tra Que Village.

Tra Que was surrounded by De Vong lake about 300 years ago, so people here used to live on fish catching, then they discovered seaweed taken out of beneath water of De Vong lake as a good unlimited resource for the vegetable growing process. Since that time, Tra Que people spend their lives on growing the best vegetables and deliver them to all Hoi An’s restaurants, local markets. As the record of all specialities of Hoi An such as Cao Lau, My Quang, Chicken rice, ect. They are added with full of green vegetables when trying to eat one of them. Some of local people said that Hoi an foods will be tasteless if they lack in Tra Que village.

Thanks to its special features, Tra Que village has day by day become a very a attractive destinations for tourists, particularly foreigners.

Santa Village recommend you a trip around Tra Que Village, and you’ll join local farmers in repairing, fertilizing and watering for each vegetable type. You’ll learn how hard farmers ve been working and spending their days. Finally, you have a unforgettable experience one day of  being a farmer in your life.