Do you know An Bang Beach in Hoi An

Nov 02

Do you know An Bang Beach in Hoi An

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An Bang beach is in Cam An Ward, is 3km to the east of Hoi An. It has been voted one of the 25 top beaches in Asia by travel website Tripadvisor ( also one of  the 100 best beaches in the world by travel CNN). Tourist can rent a bike from a variety of retailers in The Old Town and observe some unique sights on the way to An Bang Beach - such as buffalos wading in the rice paddy fields. The friendly farmers will let you take “selfies” with their buffalo! The 4 km long beach is known for its soft sand, gentle waves, and friendly restaurants and beach bars, it is the only VietNamese beach on the tripadvisor list, and it was ranked 16th of the 25 beaches. Have you ever been there? The staffs of Santa villa are willing to give you any informations about An Bang beach, as well as Hoi An Old Town.

When to visit

The ocean water of An Bang is pure and blue. You can see the small fishes swimming beneath the water, and even you catch the small crabs yourself. You should be at An bang beach in the dry season- which falls between March and September. During this time it is mostly sunny all day long, a beautiful climate and calm clear waters to bathe in. If you eat or drink in any of the restaurants you can use their beach lounges for free. The best time to visit An Bang beach is from June to August. Come October, the the rainy season begins, with sometimes heavy rain and the potential risk of floods.

Coming to An Bang beach from Hoi An town centre, you will head north on Hai Ba Trung street.. It’s 4 km to the coast. You can rent a bike or motobike to arrive at An Bang beach, or you can call a Mailinh taxi ( green taxi) for late night trips. It is not a good idea to ride your bike back to town after dark, if your hotel is in the town centre. A five minutes taxi ride from ancient town costs about 80.000 VND. Make sure your cell phone is charged and the local taxi company number is saved.


Upon Arrival there are a lot of local parking attendents waiting for you, you should remember that the price for a bike is 5.000 VND and for motorbike is 10.000 VND.

What to do

If you love water sports ( If not, you’re about to), the big question isn’t what to do here, but how to fit it all in. Water sports are a way of life at An Bang Beach. All the equipment, guides and lessons you need are right here. Water sports such as: diving, snorkeling, jet skiing, parasailing or surfing.

You can always figure out some fun activities to do at the beach and also enjoy down-time like collecting seashells or building a sandcastle - or even flying a kite, could be a fun activity if you have the kids with you. Or just lie down on the sand, put on some sun-block, tanning oil and take nap in the sun, and - since you are at the beach - the ultimate fun activity that you can do is swimming in the sea. 

Where to eat

There are a string of restaurant serving Vietnamese seafoods and Western foods.You will be offered free services, like, sun beds, tables and you also take a shower.

Soul Kitchen is the best here with its comfortable chairs and cabanas overlooking the ocean. If you have the opportunity, you should get to enjoy the live music on Wedneday night or Saturday night. The foods served are the typical beach fare: salads, snacks, meat and seafood from grill (not expensive, with prices from 120.000 VND to 150.000 VND).

Sound of Silence coffee is one of the top cozy place in Hoi an, where you can sip a cup of coffee, as well as enjoying swimming or sun bathing at the same time.

During your stay at Santa villa, it is a easy way to get to the beach, because the beach is right in front of the villa and very close to Sound of silence coffee lounge.