What is Cao Lau?

Nov 03

What is Cao Lau?

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Not only are tourists impressed with destinations, but they are also impressed with the traditional foods found at Hoi An Old Town. Especially, Cao Lau, which has officially become one of the 5 top foods of Hoi An. Cao Lau is a special dish which you can only find in Hoi An, known for its unique taste and texture. When trying to eat Cao Lau at first, you will discover a special taste - “A cuisine treasure” it is a dish of noodles with vegetable and pork served with some sauces unique to the Hoi An district.

Why do Hoi an people call it “ Cao Lau”? It is said that Cao Lau was invented in the 17th century when Hoi An was a famous harbor for international trading. The former people told that just rich people of Hoi An - who used to live in the upstairs of the house - ate Cao Lau. The rest of the people of the house, like, servants lived downstairs and were forbidden to eat something as special as Cao Lau. So, Cao Lau was only for the noble people. Despite its long history, the dish retains its original taste and smell. Cao Lau is day by day becoming more popular with tourists and with Hoi An people.

Cao Lau is far different from other dishes of VietNamese noodle dishes, like “ Pho” or “ Bun”. It is served in a dry noodle bowl with sliced pork, local greens and herbs, bean sprouts, fried lard and soy sauce, topped with peanuts and rice crackers, etc. It is simply delicious, during eating Cao Lau, you’ll taste that the noodles are perfectly tender and the sauce is full of flavour. The dish is found in the menu of all types of restaurants from luxury ones to sidewalk stalls. And your experience in Hoi an would be incomplete if you don’t try this special dish.

  • One of the best places for Cao Lau is a food stall named Ba Be in the market opposite Ong temple.
  • Trung Bac restaurant at 87 Tran Phu is also said to sell original Cao Lau.

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