Hoi An’s flooding days

Nov 03

Hoi An’s flooding days

Santa Villa Hoi An News

All tourists should be aware of the danger of the flooding season in Hoi an from November until mid - December. It doesn’t flood every year, but it is certainly not rare. In fact, the wet season has been intense, with days of heavy rain, be prepared for that if you’re travelling to Hoi an at this time of year.

Because of heavy rains, the water filled up all the lakes, and the dams were forced to open the gates.
This starts the flooding, and as the water level rises, the authorities turn off the power in some of the most dangerous places to ensure the safety of local residents and tourists. The people have to evacuate the furniture, the elderly, and the young children by boat.

In fact, is is not a bad time to visit Hoi An. Even it is unusual, as you will get an experience that not many tourists have. You must take the life vest when you are sitting in a boat to start your trip around the town. If you want to go for a walk in the water, you will need to buy a pair of plastic boots from the local market or shops. It is better and safer for your feet. Getting away from the low land such as An hoi island and Cam Nam island…

Hoi An is such a busy city because there are many boats offering a boat trip around the old town, as the rain is gets heavy and the flood continues to increase, you will see that most of nice and most famous restaurants are now under water and you have to find some places well outside the flood zone to eat and get some hot dishes and drinks for yourself.

You will find it more difficult to seek a restaurant in Hoi an’s flooding day. But luckily, one of the most well known “ Bread - Banh mi” in Viet Nam always stays open - Banh mi Phuong is very famous in Hoi An and you should try go to this shop early because many hungry guests will get in line for bread. If you are a vegan, you should go to Minh Hien restaurant. You don’t need to worry as this restaurant is located in a high area. You know there are a bad days in heavy rain but when you don’t know what to do. You can check out the book shops and DVD shops in the Santa Villa lobby. We have the best selection of movies and books. We hope that you enjoy your stay at Santa Villa and have a nice vacation at Hoi An.