Free Ticket

Nov 03

Free Ticket

Santa Villa Hoi An News

One of the policies of the central city of Hoi An ancient town - on December 4 every years is to offer a one- day free ticket for tourists visiting Hoi An on the occasion of the town being recognized as a World Heritage Site in 1999 on that day. According to the central city of Hoi An, the occasion is held to be thankful to Hoi An local people and tourists because of their contribution to Old Town Hoi An, as well as the perfect occasion to spread news of the beauty and historical attributes of Hoi an to people all over the world.

The central city of Hoi An will hold many activities and events around Hoi An ancient town through 10 days such as: An exhibition of Champa culture which will display at Hoi An museum at 10B Tran Hung Dao Street.

Outdoor exhibition and photo displays of Hoi An cultural heritage will be held at Thanh Hoa library at 131 Nguyen Truong To Street.

An exhibition of pottery products will also be on display at the Thanh Ha village.

“Marathon race” event will be held, with more than 500 local and expat runners at Quang Truong Square on December 3.

The Opening of a new night market on Tran Quy Cap Street and the development of some diversified museums and tourist activities.

For those tourists paying an entrance fee some events will be free on December 4 - places such as: ( you have to choose 4 of these places)

Cultural Buildings: Japanese Bridge, Cam Pho Temple, Minh Huong communal house, Quan Kong temple Museum:

Hoi an museum of history and culture , museum of Sa Huynh Culture, museum of folklore in Hoi an. Old house: Quan Thang house, Duc An house, Phung Hung house, Tan ky house, Tran family chapel, Nguyen Tuong family chapel

Assembly Hall: Fujian Chinese Congregation, chaozhou chinese congregation, Cantonese Assembly Hall,
Hoi an traditional art performance theatre at 75 Nguyen Thai Hoc street ( 10 am - 11 am and 3 pm - 4 pm).
Tombs of Japanese businessmen - Gu Sokukun, Tani Jajirobei, banjiro.

Santa Villa staff always supports this occasion at Hoi An ancient town and we are happy to give guests any information about Hoi An events. We will do everything to ensure your happiness during your stay at Santa Villa.