A must try Hoi An chicken rice

Nov 03

A must try Hoi An chicken rice

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We all agree one thing that due to popularity of chicken so a dish of chicken and rice seems to common around the world. But you have sampled chicken rice in Hoi an ancient town, you’ll accept this dish is definitely one of a kind. Hoi an people have their own way to make the chicken unforgettable with tourists. It is the speciality of Hoi An cuisine that tourist should not miss.

After the process of boiling chicken, the boiled chicken is cut or torn up into slices. You’ll feel the chicken skin is slippery and the meat is realy tender and juicy in your mouth. Because the chickens are raised in countryside gardens, not industrial factory. Therefore, chickens are selected carefully. So it always ensures the best quality to tourists and make them so excited as well.

The dish is served with a glossy yellow rice, sliced mint leaves, onions and chicken meats on top. Tourists will be wondering how to cook rice perfectly like that. There is a unique way of  Hoi an people making special rice is add chicken broth to steam rice. Also add tumeric powder for beautiful yellow rice and chicken fat for the rich taste.

The chicken rice dish with small bowl of soup on the side is a set. Soup is actually chicken broth with heart and liver of chicken,  as well as very spicy chilli sauce to enhance the flavour depending on the preference.

In particular, Hoi an chicken rice is ranked in 10 must try dishes of Hoi an recognized by international tourists. It is easy to find some best place serving Hoi an chicken rice such as:

  • Ms. Buoi Chicken rice  - 26 Phan chau trinh street
  • Ms Minh chicken rice - phan chau trinh street
  • Ms Dung chicken rice - ly thuong kiet street
  • Mr. Xi - Ba le lane

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